Established in 1997, GMT Hotel Holdings PTY Limited commenced business in Australia and continues to reach new horizons.

GMT group owns seven key properties globally, including the Great Southern Hotel, IBIS Styles Hotel, Mall Suites Express, Surf Beach Motel And Pullman Hotel. Each hotel offers its guests an unparalleled experience that is unique to GMT hotels.

GMT group provides a full range of sophisticated solutions to properties under its umbrella starting from sales and marketing to finance, human resources, technology solutions and asset management. GMT follows a strict process in order to attain, maintain and optimize occupancy and financial returns from the properties within its portfolio. Thus, through effective strategies the group continues to reach set targets enabling the existence of a progressive and dynamic line of hotels and motels.

The group maintains a unique hotel management system that includes reporting, yield management, sharing platforms, customer & company databases, payroll control with updates and training programs in order to deliver positive results.

The group is currently exploring more opportunities in the hospitality sector and has identified countries such as Australia, New Zealand, China, India, Fiji and Sri Lanka in order to capitalize on the massive growth potential in these countries. In Sri Lanka GMT is one step ahead through investments by investing in large land and property in the South for future development.

From its commencement GMT has been able to reach the financial targets set by the management with the group's total revenue amounting to Aus $ 5.9 million. The group has been maintaining a 10% growth continuously and in the year 2010 it recorded a growth of 15% surpassing the challenges brought forth by the global financial crisis.

Most hotels owned and managed by GMT enjoy an occupancy rate of 90%. The profit against revenue has been approximately 36% year on year as a result of the successful implementation of strategic management tools to improve productivity and reduce expenditure within the company.

This has contributed to increased profits during the past three years. In the year 2010 the GMT group reached the target profit of Aus $ 2.8 million.